Keto Blast Review – Ketogenic Weight Loss Formula

Keto dieters around the world are looking for things to help them maintain ketosis. If you are one of them, you’ll probably find this Keto Blast review useful!


Many people around the world are currently on, or have tried the ketogenic diet. If you do not know what the keto diet is, we would like to explain that to you before moving on about Keto Blast. The keto diet is a prominent type of diet that requires you to eat foods rich in fat, moderate in protein, and low in carbohydrates. So, it means that the healthier fat types such as coconut oil, almond, or so on are not actually all that bad for your body, even in higher amounts – that is, assuming you’re in ketosis.

The reason why it became so popular is not rocket science. It is very easy to apply, it is appeasing and you do not have to follow a strict “eat this in the morning, eat that in the evening” type of plan. It is quite chill and you can choose whatever you eat as long as you are in the realms of keto-friendly foods.

However, sometimes people have problems with losing weight even with this diet. Normally, many people lose about a pound a day but as their dieting progresses, that can go up and down. People try to find ways to stop this and speed up their progress. Similarly, some people do not have much time to get in shape and they just start to do their keto and speed things up as much as possible.

What to do then?

Well, there are two ways. The first one is harder but it is definitely much more permanent and lasts much longer. It is exercise. If you do sports, go to the gym or simply jog a few times a week, you will see that your body cannot fight with you and start to lose weight. You will boost your metabolism, your body will need more energy; thus, it will burn the fat and convert them into energy cells.

The second one is a bit easier but we cannot guarantee that it will be as permanent as doing exercise. Taking some supplementary diet pills is a common behavior among keto dieters as it speeds up the process. We will explain why it is not as stable as an exercise in the review and the conclusion part.

Long story short, let’s start to delve deeper for the Keto Blast supplement capsules review!

Keto Blast Diet Pills

Keto Blast Diet PillsIf you want to hasten the process of your weight loss, you are not alone. Many people do it for different purposes. Some say lack of time for sports, some say they are not so patient. We do not know your motives, of course, however, we can say that this American supplement brand has been manufacturing really cool products to help keto.

One thing I really do not like about keto-assistant products is that they have adopted a very aggressive but repulsive marketing strategy. I do not know why but it feels as if they are begging you to buy their products. As a person who has done meticulous research on the topic, I recommend you not buy such brands as it seems like they do not know what they are doing.

When it comes to how Keto Blast has positioned itself in the market, I see a bit of an exaggeration here. On the box reads “energy level”. Honestly, this is nonsense. The keto supplementary diet pills do not increase your level of energy, not even just by a bit. If you feel that you are more energetic after taking two pills a day, then, it is a placebo effect.

We will learn why they cannot give extra energy when we bring the nutrition facts to the table.


So, as we were saying that it does not increase your energy level, not even by a bit, I was not trying to say that this product is a useless one. I was merely saying that when you exaggerate your product and promise the sun and moon, you will not be able to bring your customer back. Because the product itself is quite beneficial.

Just like many other keto diet pills, there is a total of three different BHB supplements in one capsule. These BHB supplements are calcium, sodium, and magnesium. You might have heard of BHBs before but you may not know what they are. Let me explain it a bit.

BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate is a type of ketone found in our blood cells. Our livers produce it when we do not eat anything for a bit of time, for example; sleeping, diet, famine. So, we try to supply our body with extra BHBs so that it will work better.

BHBs are quite useful for our body as they support cognitive functions which are good for taking care of mental tasks. Another thing that they do is that they fight oxidative stress. So, these pills are definitely going to give you a helping hand. However, giving extra energy is not one of them.

Another thing to point out! You will see the “proprietary blend” inscription on the pack. It means that the company wants to hide the amounts of each ingredient so that the other brands will not produce the same blend. Thus, the fact that other brands have the same ingredients does not mean they are all the same.

How to Use

Keto Blast is quite easy to swallow, vegan, and gluten-free. There are 60 capsules in one pack and they recommend you eat 2 capsules per day. However, we have another recommendation with that.

When you start to take pills for the first time, you need to spare some time to your body so that it will accommodate itself. So, if you are using these pills as a beginner, we suggest you take one pill a day for the first 15 days. Then, you can begin to take two capsules a day.

Another thing is when to use it. We think there is no harm in taking both of them at once. So, you can take both of the daily capsules at once. We would definitely prefer to take them in the morning before eating anything. If you want to take the second one at a different time, you can take the second one 20 or 30 minutes before your meal.

If you are a pregnant or a nursing woman, you should refrain from taking these pills. If you are under 18, do not take these pills. Apart from that, if you have known medical conditions, please ask your doctor or some health care professional before starting to use this product.

Effects on the body

You might be asking what it does if not increase your energy level. This is a legit question to ask as I also said that it is quite beneficial. In order to understand what they do, we need to grasp the idea of keto diet pills.

There are primarily two benefits of these pills. The first one is that BHBs send signals to the brain to curb your appetite so that you will not feel hunger. Then, it will result in eating less than normal. As we said, our livers produce BHBs during the time of sleeping or famine disasters. So, these become more crucial to complete the daily tasks we all have to do. Anything that makes you eat less is beneficial to your diet.

The second benefit is that it boosts your metabolism. Many people face a lowering basal metabolism at one point in the diet. Lower metabolism means lower fat burn and slower weight loss. Keto Blast has a good blend to activate your metabolism and start burning fat again. So, we really like this part of this product.

Bottom Line

To sum up, we like the content of the product but not the package. The content is neat, useful, and superior to its equivalents; however, the brand nullifies its value by exaggerating what it can do. All in all, good product but bad marketing.

As we said before, try to exercise if possible. The reason why we needed to lose weight in the first place was our habits. Unless we change our habits, we are going to be vulnerable to gaining weight again.


  • Superfast metabolism
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Controls appetite


  • Horrible marketing

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