Keto Diet Cookbook After 50 Review

Do you want to know the secrets of doing the keto diet while you are over 50? Read our review of “Keto Diet Cookbook After 50” to learn!


If you are over 50 and trying to get yourself into shape just like you were before, or even for the first time ever, you might have already noticed that your body does not respond the same way as it did before. Surely, the ketogenic diet is one of the healthiest ways to lose weight and live healthily. However, changing an eating habit is a really hard thing to do, especially if it’s a diet you’ve been used to for half a century.

Because of that, we have dug deep enough for you to learn what you need. As we said before, what your body needs as a senior differs greatly from what it used to need. So, we need to adjust the way we treat the ketogenic diet accordingly and have it work with your body rather than against it.

The keto diet has become one of the most popular diets in the United States and all around the world in the last years. You have probably heard about it before but you are not sure if your body can handle such a dramatic change in your eating habits? Thanks to Tiffany Diamond’s “Keto Diet Cookbook After 50” book, you will equip yourself with all the necessary information.

Why should you think about the keto diet?

As people age, the physiological functions decline as well as specific organs like heart, kidney, and brain. In time, you see that your metabolism does not function as before and you are more prone to gain weight. This is not your fault but just a twist of the human anatomy. To minimize the diseases that come with the excess fat, you need to attach even more importance to your weight.

The ketogenic diet is quite a healthy diet type and it brings weight loss. If you think that your BMI and other weight indexes show that you need to lose weight, the perfect choice is keto.

Keto Diet Cookbook After 50

Tiffany Diamond

Keto Diet Cookbook After 50I would like to start with the author of this book as her background tells a lot about the book itself. When I started my keto diet, I needed a cookbook. I do not consider myself a good and weathered cook so I looked for something that gives me clear instructions, not just weird numbers.

I have found her first book about the ketogenic diet: Keto Diet Cookbook for Beginners. I was just expecting some recipes and so on but I found more than I was looking for. She worked well on this topic and wrote a detailed introduction part. Even before going to the recipes, I had a vague idea about what to cook for. She is that type of author: Expressive, informative, and enjoyable.

What is in the book?

So, as we explained before, there is a very informative introduction part right at the beginning. However, we would like to give a more detailed look at the book. What will you read in the basic information part?

Keto Basics

So, the book starts with the keto diet basics. It explains why the ketogenic diet is healthy and gives some statistics about the ketogenic diet. In this section, it also explains the Keto primer as well as high fat and low carbohydrates.

One thing that new dieters are ecstatic about is the ketosis which is the fat-burning process. After a brief explanation of ketosis, the book tells you a lot about the signs you are in ketosis.

For example, if you want to know whether you are in ketosis or not, the easiest way is to acquire some ketone test strips and measure your ketone levels on a daily or weekly basis. However, there are other ways to know that.

There are four reactions by a body in ketosis. The first one is that if you go to the toilet more often than normal days, you are in ketosis. The second one is dry mouth as a way of your body showing that it needs more electrolytes. Thirdly, bad breath. You will have a mouth smell like nail polish in ketosis. Lastly, you will experience less hunger and more energy.

Keto Types

This part explains the types of ketogenic diet well. There are 4 mainstream keto types. These are Standard, Cyclic, Targeted and High Protein. Standard one means 75 percent fat, 20 percent protein, and 5 percent carbohydrates. Cyclic means that you will have periods of higher carbohydrates. For example, 2 days of high carbohydrates and five days of the keto diet.

Targeted, on the other hand, means that you can add some carbs when you have energy-consuming, hard workouts. Lastly, high protein means that 60 percent fat, 35 percent protein, and 5 percent carbs.

The benefits of the keto diet for people over 50

The book has a specific part for this and I think it is of great help. In short, it explains what kind of benefits you will see with your time on the keto diet. We can sum them up in a few sentences. The first thing is, of course, weight loss and hunger-reduction. The second advantage is that your blood sugar will be under control. You will gain mental focus again.

The keto diet has been in use for people with epilepsy since the 1900s.


As a person over 50, seniors will find this part interesting. Because on the internet, all of the sources are written for people who are younger and their needs are different. Senior people need to aim differently. This part explicitly explains the macros you should be aiming for as a senior.

Another thing that is quite important about the macros is men over 50 and women over 50 need to have different aims in macros. When it comes to younger ages, this difference is much smaller but according to Ms. Diamond, it is crucial to know these.

Getting Started on Keto After 50

So, let me explain this part a bit as this can be vital for people who are not going to buy the book and I still think that this part has quite important remarks. We are basically going to delve what you need to do.

The first thing you should know is that you should have no carbohydrates. No sweet treats that are full of sugar, no bars of chocolate, and so on. It seems simple but it is the core of the whole keto.

Secondly, you need to have a fatty meal but not all kinds of fats. The fats with high lipoproteins are good. Then, hold yourself about the proteins. Just 30 percent.

Now something important! At first, try not to restrict calories. Do not cut them at once. Let your body adjust itself to this new habit and then you can cut your calories. Of course, track your calories and adjust day after another.

Tracking ketosis is the last but an important part. It is an enjoyable and motivating thing.


There is a total of 80 recipes in the book. In all of them, you will be able to see how many calories you will be intaking, how much fat, and how much protein in a meal. The carbohydrate count is also there for you to look at. I would have liked more recipes and it feels like the images and the recipe do not match for some editorial faults.

There are lots of different recipes and the recipes do not have numbers like (0.42 ounces) but more like the traditional way such as a tablespoon, shimmering hot oil, and so on.

You can find a great range of recipes such as breakfast recipes or vegetable recipes. Fish and seafood, red meat, bread recipes are all in the book. One thing that we miss on the keto is snacks, surely. Here in the book, there are seven different snack recipes and they are quite delicious. There are salad, smoothies, soup, desserts, and sauces to make it a complete recipe book.


To sum things up, I bought the book as a cookbook but I have learned great information about the keto itself. She has a nice writing style and really great cooking ideas. Soups are extremely tasty, as a side note. I would surely enjoy more recipes as 80 sounds a bit too low for a cookbook.


  • Extensive knowledge
  • Tasty and unique recipes
  • Soups need an extra point


  • Editorial mistakes
  • Needs more recipes

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