Premier Keto Diet Pills Review: Is it Must or Bust?

Want to step up your keto diet but cannot choose which supplement is good or bad? Here is a detailed review of Premier Keto Diet Pills!


With the keto diet becoming increasingly popular, more and more keto enthusiasts are looking for ways to speed things up. Be it right or wrong, we all have limited amounts of time and sometimes taking a shortcut to get the results we so desperately want to get is justified.

This happens more often than you think, as some people lose their motivation to keep their diets as the process prolongs, and especially as the weight loss starts to plateau. What you hear from dieticians and keto experts is that putting more emphasis on exercise, surprising your body by eating different types of keto foods, and moving a lot is the only thing you can do. Even though we agree with that advice, sometimes getting some additional help to speed things up a little can drastically improve the effectiveness of the ketosis state.

Are these supplements harmful to my body?

There is no exact answer to that as not all brands use the same ingredients. If you see some chemical combinations, steroids and stuff like that, you had better look for an expert’s opinion on those. However, the subject of our review, Premier Keto Diet Pills, does not have any chemical or harmful contents in its capsules.

We are going to look into details in the upcoming sections about the ingredients and explain what is what. If you take more pills than the suggested dose, you might have some skin problems and some minor problems. So, we strongly recommend you take the suggested dose which is also going to be explained.

Keto Pills or Exercise?

When someone asks me personally whether I advise Keto pills or exercise, my answer is simple and clear. This is not a question either this or that. At all costs, you need to exercise while on a keto diet. The reason is this: We gain weight for a reason and the underlying reason behind the excess weight is not moving enough, and bad eating habits.

When dieting, we try to change the second reason. We change what we eat so eagerly and we begin to see how the numbers on the bathroom scale change day by day. However, if we do not change the first one, which is the lack of exercise, it means that we are going to be prone to gain back whatever we lose. We call this yo-yo effect.

Premier Keto

Premier Keto Diet PillsThere are a lot of keto diet supplements in the market and this market is unfortunately full of greedy people whose interests lie only in people’s pockets and not the overall quality of their products. This is why many brands promise incredible things that their products cannot achieve. For them, only one and done is enough.

Premier Keto, on the other hand, does not advertise things that it cannot do. Considering that this is a very competitive market, they choose honesty over false marketing which is a great thing to do in this time and age.


The Premier Keto diet pills have predominantly four different ingredients in it. There are three different BHB salts and also caffeine extract. The BHB salts are sodium, calcium, and magnesium beta-hydroxybutyrate. If you are not familiar with the keto diet pills you might be asking what BHB is. Let me explain this a bit.

BHB is a type of ketone that your body produces during the times of hunger. For example; your body produces them when you are asleep or going through a long period of hunger such as fasting or famine. This allows your body to cope with hunger and boost your mental strength. Premier Keto capsules give you a little help to enhance.

Sodium, calcium, and magnesium BHB salts are the most popular BHB salts in the market and almost all the keto diet supplements use them as the primary ingredient. Yet, can we say that all of them work the same? Definitely no. The trick is the blend and amounts. The percentages of each ingredient matter greatly and the companies that find the perfect blend help you the most.

As we could see, Premier Keto’s proprietary blend sits right in the middle when it comes to effectiveness. There are better blends in the market for sure; however, it does not mean that Premier does not work at all.

The last thing about the ingredients is its caffeine powder. Research shows that caffeine is a great fat-burner so the chemists of Nutra4 decided to use it to their advantage to speed up your basal metabolism and burn more fat than usual.

How to Use

There are 60 capsules in one pack and the recommended dose for a day is 2. That means a pack will take you for 30 days. However, we recommend you take one pill a day for the first 15 days as you need to let your body accommodate itself to this new substance. After 15 days, you can start to take 2 pills a day. So, if you follow our recommendation, the first pack will take you more than 30 days. So, plan accordingly.

Another thing we need to mention is that there is no harm in taking both pills at the same time. It will not cause any side effects or something. It is better to eat both of them right after you wake up before eating something. However, if you decide to take the pills at separate hours, you may want to take the first in the morning and the second 20 or 30 minutes before your dinner.

If you are vegan or vegetarian, you need to know that the capsules have nothing animal-related or animal subtract. The gelatin is vegetable-based.

If you are a pregnant or nursing woman, you should avoid taking these pills. Similarly, if you have a medical condition, you need to consult your doctor before starting to take them. We also do not recommend these pills for children under 18.

Effects in the Body

Primary Keto Diet knows what it does well and does what it promises to do. BHBs are good substances to appease your appetite and boost your metabolism. As a result, it hastens the process of burning fat.

One thing people repeatedly complain about the final periods of the ketogenic diet is that they can clearly feel that their metabolism is down. This happens for a reason. Day by day, your body loses power in its fight against oxidative stress and inflammation and this decreases the basal metabolism, leaving you powerless.

However, an extra helping hand from BHB supplements can lift your metabolism back to the normal levels. This is what Premier Keto tries and achieves to do. As we said before, the blend is not the perfect blend and there are better brands than them but if you compare the price and the performance of these pills, they are quite well.

No one feels hungry when they sleep, right? The reason is our bodies produce BHB salts at night. So, the primary object of BHBs doing that is this: curbing your appetite and cravings. If you take enough BHBs, you will not feel hunger as much as you normally would. When you finish your dinner, you will have the feeling of satiety immediately.


As we said before, Premier Keto pills are only a supplement to your keto diet. If you are not going to follow a strict ketogenic diet plan, it will fail. If you follow your diet and do your exercises, Premier Keto will accelerate the ketosis process and make you burn excess fat hastily.

However, as a setback, our statement is still standing. This may not be the highest-performing diet pills that money can buy. However, affordability and performance are quite well.


  • Good taste
  • Honest marketing and promise-keeping brand


  • Quite the average performance

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