Bang Keto Coffee Review

Ever wondered if Bang Keto Coffee is worth a shot? Here is an honest Bang Keto Coffee review that gives you all the advantages and disadvantages.


When you are on the keto diet, one of the things that you might be missing is doing your regular things, like having the occasional RedBull. However, energy drinks are not usually keto-friendly so, we need to refrain from them more often than not.

The first time I went to the gym while being on a keto in my first days, I felt like I was powerless, tired, and knackered quicker than usual. When I took a quick look at the bar at the gym, there were no energy drinks that were suitable for the keto diet. And this is quite understandable, as they’re usually loaded with sugar.

Why? I mean the thing is that we need to go back to our elementary biology classes. Our body burns energy and the energy tank of the body are carbohydrates. Naturally, when you are switching to a low-carb, high-fat diet, your body runs out of energy quickly while exercising. Energy drinks are obviously not the healthiest choice either way, but if they’re something you’re used to, it might be hard to let go of them.

What is Bang Keto Coffee and how does it help?

Bang Keto CoffeeVPX Bang is a famous energy drink brand that aims to increase the performance of sportsmen and sportswomen. Normally, many energy drinks boost your energy level by adding lots of sugar in their drinks and this, unfortunately, makes them not suitable for keto.

On top of that, Bang produces quite a number of energy drinks that are free of sugar or carbohydrates. You must have seen it somewhere as this sugar-free energy drink thing is kind of an oxymoron itself. I mean, if it has no energy in it, why do you drink it? There is no sugar, no protein, no fat. Just a refreshing drink when you are between your sets and reps.

Anyway, Bang finally saw where the market is going and how fast the keto market is growing and decided to release their keto coffee energy drink.

Bang Keto Coffee

When the brand announced that they were going to release a keto-friendly energy drink in 2018, I still remember the hype. I guess the hype was as big as the keto-friendly bread or maybe even bigger. Many people were just complaining that they need to refresh themselves up with only ice-cold water which I was quite OK with it. Anyway, they released it when 2018 was coming to an end and they faced criticisms left, right, and center.

Many people told that this is not keto while the other warned that it could change your blood levels and knock you out of ketosis. So, I would like to fact-check if these criticisms were right.

Is it keto or is not?

If you are reading this, you are most likely aware of what keto is but I would like to put an emphasis on that by repeating it once more. The ketogenic diet is a type of diet that expects you to take high levels of fat, moderate levels of protein, and as low as possible carbohydrates. It is crystal clear. So, let’s take a look at its nutrition facts.

Nutrition Facts

In one can (15 oz) of Bang Keto Coffee, there are 120 calories, which is not bad for an energy drink. Then, there are 20 grams of protein in a can which I would say that it is horrendously high. It is almost like a protein shake.

Then, there is a total of 6 grams of carbohydrate while only a gram of these is sugar. The rest is the dietary fiber which is considerably good.

Later on, we come to the most delicate part of the matter. Total fat count. There are solely 2 grams of fat in it. So, in one can of an energy drink, there are more carbohydrates and proteins than fat.

I agree that more fat would totally spoil its taste, however, under the light of the nutrition facts, we cannot say that this is keto.

All right, but does it mean it is bad?

It is not bad, at all. I understand the disappointment of keto dieters but think of a scenario. You have taken enough of fat a day thanks to your fat bombs; however, you have no time to balance your diet for a moderate protein level.

Then, Bang Keto Coffee comes to assistance. I totally agree that this is just for marketing purposes but it does not mean it will do more harm than good. As your normal counts, you need to take a can of Bang into consideration as a normal protein intake.

If you look from a different perspective, then, you will have a lovely energy drink to make up for your protein count. It is tasty and quite refreshing, especially after you leave it in your fridge for a night.

Will it stop my ketosis?

When they released the product for the first time, I told you the hype behind it. Suddenly, I saw some YouTubers doing some experiments with Bang Keto Coffee. So, one of the guys drank a can of Bang and after a while took a blood sample from himself.

Then, he compared his own blood sample with a previous blood sample. There was a minuscule difference between them. He told repeatedly that he drinks Bang just for the sake of completing his protein count so, he was drinking Bang on the days he did not take much of a protein.

I cannot say something for sure if there is no science behind it. From what I saw, the Bang Keto Coffee energy drink does not stop your ketosis even though it is not keto itself.

What kind of flavors can we have?

One good thing about Bang Keto Coffee is that it comes in different flavors. I do not normally like the regular taste of protein shakes and I want something more familiar to my likings. For example, I am an ardent lover of peanut butter and I can eat and drink anything with peanut butter. Of course, as long as it does not mess up my metabolism.

So, as you might imagine, my favorite flavor of this product is the chocolate peanut butter blast. It tastes like real peanut butter but of course, you know that the sugar that you feel is not virtual. It goes through your throat while refreshing you and leaves its scent all over your mouth.

I would like to point out the second favorite flavor before telling the rest. If I was not a peanut butter guy, I would definitely go for the Heavenly Hazelnut which is one of the tastiest things I have ever drunk. Normally, I feel a bit weird after drinking some dense drinks as if I need to try harder to swallow it. Yet, this was not the case in the Heavenly Hazelnut. I literally felt like I was drinking a cocktail made with a jar of Nutella.

The rest of the product line is Birthday Cake Bash, Cookies & Cream, and Mocha Madness. When I went to my local shop, there were no cookies & cream; however, I had the opportunity to try the rest and they were just fine but not my taste. Thus, I did not buy the full 12-pack for these. Yet, I will keep the chocolate peanut butter blast with me.

How about allergens?

Well, this has become some sort of a problem among energy drinks and keto products, lately. For example; people who are allergic to soy or soy products like keto diet as soy is not keto-friendly. Yet, we keep seeing some “keto-friendly” products having soy, soybean, or anything related to soy.

Bang Keto Coffee does not have any soy in it. It has lots of caffeine, which is about 300 mg, though.

It is not an allergy but I think we can devote this part to our vegan readers. Unfortunately, any of the Bang Keto Coffee products are not vegan. Its protein blend is made of milk protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. So, it contains some ingredients derived from milk. That qualifies it as non-vegan.

What are our final thoughts?

As we said before, Bang had a huge promotion even before its release in 2018. Did it meet the expectations or not? I believe it could have been much better if they were more honest about it. I mean I understand they want to aggressively grow in the energy drinks market and be the pioneer in the keto energy drinks section. Still, I cannot see the good outcome of this marketing.

Otherwise, the brand ended up with a really good drink. It may not be keto or keto-friendly but it can be a really good alternative to your lack of protein days. You might be late to work or a meeting with your friends or just simply have no time to prepare something for yourself. Then, you can open up a can of Bang and replenish yourself.

In general, I see on Amazon, people generally like the end-product. They constantly emphasize that it is not keto but still admittedly, the can is full of energy and taste. Overall, on Amazon people give 4.8 stars out of 5 and our rating would be somewhere around there as well. Maybe a little bit lower, as we do not approve of the trickery advertisement.


  • Tasty and saturating
  • Good range of products
  • A whole of 20 grams of protein


  • It is not keto but can work as a replacement

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