Keto X-Factor Review – The best keto pills?

Ever wondered a good way to speed up your weight loss during your keto diet? Read our Keto X-Factor review to see if you found just what you needed!


Many people, including me, have had some problems with patience and motivation while doing the keto diet. It usually happens once you’ve been doing the diet for a while, and when the weight loss slows down and you need more exercise in order to burn the same amount of fat you did before.

Similarly, people delay their diet for a long time, and just a couple of months before summer, they decide to take some steps to achieve their “summer body goals”. Then, they realize they will not be able to do it before the start of their vacation so they want to speed up the process. It happens more often than you’d think, and no, it is not just you.

If you face that brick wall of weight loss, it means you need to take initiative and do more to reach your target. The best way to do it is through exercise. As long as you manage to surprise your body with different exercise methods or different meals, your weight loss will not come to a halt. However, today we are going to talk about another method for those who have no time to do exercise more.

Keto Supplementary Diet Pills

As the ketogenic diet became more and more popular in the United States and the rest of the world, there have been so many supporting products to your keto diet. Some claim that they reinforce you during your ketosis while others tell that it limits the possible yo-yo effect.

However, one thing we believe that has the most outstanding claims is the keto supplementary diet pills market. Since the beginning of my research in keto, I have seen so many claims that are incredible and out-of-this-world. They promise the sun and moon while the only thing they can do is just help you with reducing appetite.

So, I have developed a system before buying a keto-related product. If something is too good to be true, I do not buy it. It works just perfect and I would recommend you do the same. That being said, today we are going to shed light on an honest product: Keto X Factor Keto Pills

Keto X Factor Supplementary Keto Diet Pills

Keto X-Factor Keto PillsAs we said before, the keto pills market has an unpleasantly aggressive marketing strategy. They just claim whatever you need. “You will be more energetic! More muscles will be there for you! You will think more clearly”. I mean, any of these things are unbelievable and they are not honest things. All in all, you are just adding some ketones in it and you should not expect it to do wonders.

That is quite a fitting sentence for customers, too. Only because of this promising the moon issue, many people think that they will not need to follow a strict keto plan and continue to lose weight. This is simply not going to happen. If you want to take the maximum out of these pills, you need to remember that they are “supplementary”. So, their primary area of use is to support you while you are on a diet.

Therefore, if you want to see some miracles, any of the keto pills, including the Keto X Factor diet pills, will not be able to do that. So, the first step needs to be that you start your ketogenic diet and get into ketosis. Later on, you should think about which diet pills you will be eating.

A bad thing about the company is that they have a lack of professionalism. I have seen some comments on the internet that their customer care is below average. There is no return policy or anything that can make up their own faults.

Anyway, to understand how it works, we need to grasp what a capsule of Keto X Factor contains.


A capsule of Keto X Factor is totally vegan and does not contain any gluten. The gelatin of the capsule is made from herbal sources; so, vegans will not have to worry about whether it is vegan or not. It is vegan just like many other diet pill supplements.

When it comes to what is in the capsule, there are three different BHB supplements in it. These BHB supplements are Calcium BHB, Sodium BHB, and Magnesium BHB. If you read something about keto pills before, you must have heard of BHBs before. However, being familiar with it does not mean you know what it actually is.

BHB or beta-hydroxybutyrate is a type of ketone that our livers produce for our blood cells. During long periods of ketosis, we run on ketones and the majority of ketones in our blood cells are BHB. It supports your cognitive functions and fights oxidative stress and inflammation. So, a helping hand from this diet pill will reinforce your body with much-needed BHB’s. It does not mean that it will give you much more energy.

When we are talking about the ingredients, I would like to point out one thing. When you look at the nutrition facts section on the box, you will see the “proprietary blend” inscription. Almost all keto diet pills use the same ingredients; the difference is the exact amounts. So, do not think that they are all the same as the amounts can change even if they use the same ingredients.

How to Use

Keto X Factor, just like many other diet pills, has a similar dosage every day. You can take 2 pills a day and you can take it whenever you want. However, we have a specific recommendation here.

First off, if you are about to take your first pill, try to accommodate your body to the pill. For the sake of doing that, you can take one pill a day for the first 15 days, then you can begin to take two pills a day after the first 15 days.

Another thing is that you should take both of the pills in the morning before eating anything, on an empty stomach. If you want to take two pills at different times, you can take the second one 20 or 30 minutes before a meal.

One thing you need to be cautious about is that if you are a pregnant or a nursing woman, you should not be taking these pills. Similarly, if you have a known medical situation, ask your physician before starting to take the pills. Do not eat it if you are under 18.

Lastly, there is a total of 60 capsules in the box. That means the whole pack is for 30 days if you eat 2 capsules a day.


Keto X Factor is aware of what it can do or what it cannot do and that is why it does not act braggart. BHB blends have two primary effects in your body. The first one is that it reduces your appetite.

Our livers start to produce BHBs especially while you deprive yourself of food. So, it can be while you are sleeping or during the times of a diet, famine and so on. One of the things that BHBs do is that they curb your appetite so that you will not be thinking of food while you do other tasks in your daily life. The first time I was trying to lose weight, my productivity at work dropped a lot that even my boss noticed. This was just because I was thinking of some desserts and whenever I thought of desserts, I was going to take a cup of coffee or tea.

So, BHBs has an effect to suppress your appetite. Yet, refraining from food is still in your hands. They cannot do things themselves.

The other primary effect is that it boosts metabolism and helps burn energy. People, especially after losing some weight, notice that their metabolism gets slower and slower. When it happens, we need to do more exercise, move more. Yet, not all of us have such an opportunity. So, you can enhance your basal metabolism with some supplements and move on to your life.

Bottom Line

To sum up, Keto X Factor is like a shining star in the dishonest keto pills market. If you really think that you will feel better with some supplementary diet pills with your keto plan, you may think of buying a box and give it a try. However, as we mentioned before, you should try to exercise more if you want to stick with your keto plan more rigidly.

Why? People gain weight for a reason and that reason is mostly about our daily habits. Maybe we do not move a lot, maybe our metabolism cannot keep up with us. Whatever the reason, we need to understand that the best thing that we can do to ourselves is to change our habits.


  • Quite affordable
  • Honest marketing strategy
  • Vegan friendly


  • Below average customer care

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